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Pack 2010 represents a sense of belonging, good citizenship and development while having fun. The pack number is representative of the 100 year anniversary of scouting and all that it portrays. Pack 2010 is all about the power to do your best. The pack is part of the Mad River District and the Connecticut Rivers Council. It is led by a group of experienced Scout leaders who are part of the long history of quality Scouting that has been offered to the youth of Beacon Falls for many years.

"The Spirit is there In every Boy: It has to be discovered and brought to Light"

Robert Baden-Powell
The Founder of the Boy Scouts Worldwide

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Pack 2010 Membership

Posted by amoffat on Sep 8 2017 - 6:37am

 Edited: Council increased there fee, therefore we needed to accordingly. The cost is $100.00.

The Pack has five Dens all by grade levels. Dens meet twice a month and Pack meets once a month except during Summer months.These meetings are about an hour and meet bi-weekly, and then the Pack unites monthly for a Pack meeting, which is about an hour and a half. The Dens are as followed:
Lions ( kindergarten)
Tigers (1st grade)
Wolves(2nd grade)
Bears ( 3rd grade)
Webelos I (4th grade)
Webelos II ( 5th gradel) 
The program is a year long program, with a summer reduced schedule, don't meet in July, but there are activities scheduled all year long to participate in and to keep involved within the community.   
The Cost is $100.00, that includes book, patches, neckerchief, and all awards earned throughout year for achievements, pack website. Let me know if you would like an application for your son and/or adult application.
We are a volunteer led organization.
Thank you, Angela Moffat

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